Sheetplanner 1.2 Release Notes

Picture column type:

  • Added a new Picture column type, which can be chosen in the Column Inspector.
  • Picture cells in the Outline view show a small thumbnail of the image.
  • Picture cells can use a fixed size, fit the width of the column, or fit the height of the row.
  • Images can be dragged or pasted into picture cells. They can also be cut, copied, or cleared.
  • When a picture cell is selected, click or press the spacebar to show a larger Quick Look view of the image.
  • Can smart filter on whether or not an image is present.
  • The images are stored within the document, scaled to a reasonable maximum size to avoid excessive document bloat.

Choose multiple items in List cells:

  • Added a checkbox in the List Column inspector to enable choosing multiple items, instead of just one.
  • Replaced the old List cell editor with one similar to the Date cell, with a text field and button to show a popover.
  • Clicking the button (or pressing Option-Space) displays a list of items.
  • If using single selection mode, the selected item (if any) has a checkmark, and choosing an item dismisses the popover.
  • If using multiple selection mode, the popover uses checkboxes to indicate that multiple can be chosen, and toggling them doesn't dismiss (click outside or hit Escape to close it).
  • When the popover is displayed, you can type the first letter of an item to choose it.
  • You can also type in the cell to auto-complete items, separating multiple with commas.
  • List cells for parent rows now offer a Summary value calculation, that results in all of the values used by child cells.

Custom cell styles:

  • Added the ability to set custom styles for individual cells via the Format menu.
  • Style changes are applied to all selected cells.
  • Styles include font face, size, text style, justification, and color.
  • Moved the Show Fonts and Show Colors menu items to the top level of the Format menu, to make them more accessible.
  • Added a Clear Cell Style menu item to remove the cell-specific style, reverting back to the row style (as set in the Inspector).
  • The Font and Color windows now remain open when changing the cell selection, to make it easier to make multiple changes.

Style Inspector controls:

  • Added an Only This Cell (or Only These Cells) option to the style scope menu, so custom cell styles can be edited in the Inspector.
  • Replaced the font button with separate pop-up menus for the font family and font typeface, a field for the font size, and buttons for style.
  • The font family and typeface menus use the actual font to make the options more intuitive.
  • The size field has a stepper to enable more easily increasing or decreasing the size.
  • If multiple cells are selected with different styles, the font family pop-up indicates this as "Multiple".
  • Added an alignment control; only available for custom cell styles.
  • Replaced the color well with a multi-part button: click the left side to choose a color from a palette, or the right side to show the full color picker.


  • When a Date cell is selected, a new Notify option now appears in the Cell Inspector.
  • If this is turned on, a notification will appear a specified time interval before the date of the cell.
  • Clicking the notification will select the cell.
  • The notification also includes options to complete the row, and to reschedule the date of the cell (which edits the cell).
  • Note that by default a notification shows up as a banner that goes away after a moment; hover over it to reveal the buttons. To make notifications stick around, change to "alerts" in the Notifications System Preferences.
  • Notifications work even if the app or document isn't open; if the notification is clicked, the app will be launched and the document opened.
  • Notifications are not available or displayed for completed rows, or if the date is in the past.
  • Note: this feature is only available on macOS Mojave (10.14) and later. The notify option won't appear on earlier OS versions.

Timeline info:

  • Hovering over a bar, milestone, or custom date in the Timeline view now shows a tooltip with the topic and all dates for this row, like in the Month view.
  • Double-clicking on a bar etc now shows a popover with editable information about the row, like in the Month view.
  • This popover can be converted to a floating window by dragging the popover arrow.
  • Added a Timeline Inspector option to enable or disable the weekend background color at Day scale (defaults shaded).
  • Renamed the prompt for the Timeline Inspector scale popup.

Date stamp:

  • Added a Date Stamp item to the Edit menu, available when one or more rows in a Date column is selected.
  • Choosing this command will insert the current date/time in the selected cells, other than any that are calculations.

Link reveal in Finder:

  • Added a Reveal in Finder command to the link menu, available for files (not websites).
  • When chosen, the linked file is displayed in the Finder.

Import & export changes:

  • The OPML export now includes extra "hidden" properties for the row number and connections.
  • The OPML import now uses that extra info to restore the connections, when importing an OPML exported by SheetPlanner.
  • The OPML import also now imports the Progress value correctly.

Links improvements:

  • The Link to Website function now also accepts app-specific URLs, which are displayed with the app icon and the full URL. The Quick Look and Show in New Tab items are disabled in the link menu for app-specific URLs.
  • The Link to Website function now also works with special URL schemes like "tel:" and "mailto:", e.g. "tel:555-555-5555" to make a phone call with FaceTime, or "" to compose an email.
  • When asking to locate a linked file (e.g. in a document shared from someone else) now only the file with the right name is enabled in the open panel.
  • Once a link has been resolved via the open panel, the document is now updated so it doesn't have to be located again the next time it is opened.

Undo enhancements:

  • When undoing deletion of a row or rows, they are now re-added in the same place they were before, instead of at the end.

Data compatibility safeguards:

  • Added logic when opening documents to protect against unknown future changes to available values.
  • Also added a check for a too-old or too-new document format, to avoid issues attempting to open a document from an unsupported old version or future version that made significant format changes.
  • Added a mechanism to provide better errors when loading documents.

Tweaks and fixes:

  • When changing a date via the date picker popover, the Outline view is immediately updated to reflect that in any connected rows, instead of when the selection changes.
  • When choosing the time in a date picker, the popover is no longer closed (to avoid it closing with every digit change). Picking a date still closes it.
  • Clicking or double-clicking in the Timeline now doesn't mistakenly toggle the Outline into editing mode.
  • When the contents of a cell doesn't fit, hovering over it will now temporarily expand the cell to show the full content.
  • When adding a column, or changing the column type, the parent row calculations are now updated for that column.
  • When duplicating a column, the calculations are now duplicated too (it was just duplicating their values).
  • Indenting one or more rows will now expand their parent(s).
  • When a column is renamed, a filter being edited now updates the column menu to reflect the new name.
  • Pressing Option-Space in a Topic cell now toggles the completion checkbox.
  • Moved the Notes & Links and Focus menu items in the row menu into submenus.
  • Rearranged the Outline cell contextual menu to put some items in submenus, and thus make the menu shorter.
  • When editing a date causes a connected row to be adjusted, the duration is now kept the same.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a note would fail, or unexpectedly change the color of the cell.
  • Notes now have Smart Links enabled by default.
  • When pasting text without a color, or black, gray, or white text, the text color is adjusted to be readable on light and dark modes. Other color text is not changed.
  • Fixed the unlock bar not appearing before the trial is started in some situations.
  • Fixed the guidance hint popovers not appearing sometimes after resetting them.
  • Fixed light-colored text appearing in red in dark mode.
  • Setting Progress to 100% now draws the timeline bar as completed.
  • When making a new document (e.g. from a template), the default font and text color from the Preferences is now applied.
  • When loading a template, the dates are now adjusted so the first incomplete row has today's date, and other dates offset appropriately. The Academic Calendar and Expense Tracker leave the days and months the same, just changing the years from the current one. The Expense Tracker one also uses the current year for the topic of the first row. And fixed some issues with the To Do List template.
  • When the Mac is in dark mode, the style text color in the Inspector and Preferences now more closely matches that used in the cells, while still supporting the light mode variations.
  • Now remembers the last Cell Inspector choice for parent cells, and applies it for new parents when indenting.
  • When showing the Inspector, the custom Outline columns now shift to the left to remain visible.
  • Improved the logic of the Dock badge count to appear more reliably, and work better when a start or finish date is missing.
  • Improved updating the Window menu to reflect document name changes, to list the documents alphabetically, and to include a checkmark next to the current one.
  • Now rebuilds the Window menu to avoid including unnecessary dividers.
  • Improved the logging on startup.
  • The File ▸ New Tab command is now disabled when the Preferences window is frontmost.