Sheetplanner 1.2 Released

We are excited to announce the release of SheetPlanner 1.2 which includes numerous improvements as follows:

Picture column type

The new Picture column allows the storage of pictures within a SheetPlanner document. Pictures can be pasted or dragged and dropped into a cell and can take full advantage of Quicklook.

Choose multiple items in List cells

List columns now have the option to select multiple values in a cell. Parent rows can summarize the values selected in child List cells.

Custom cell styles

In addition to formatting rows based upon their place in the Outline hierarchy, individual rows and cells can have their own custom styles.

New style Inspector controls

The new style inspector controls have been updated and are more easily accessible.


Notifications can be set for each row and can be completed or dismissed from within the notification.

New timeline info Panel

A new panel allows editing of row values directly on the timeline.

Date stamp

A new date stamp function is available in the Edit menu and via a key command.

Link reveal in Finder

Linked documents can now be ‘revealed’ in the Finder.

Links improvements

Links can now point to content in other applications in addition to websites.

Undo enhancements

The undo feature now correctly puts rows back in their correct place in the Outline hierarchy.

And many more enhancements