Sheetplanner 1.1 Released

We are excited to announce the release of SheetPlanner 1.1 which includes numerous improvements as follows:

Added the ability to connect rows to establish a dependency.

Rows can now be connected with four types of dependencies, Finish to Start, Start to Finish, Start to Start and Finish to Finish. Dependencies are displayed via arrows in the Timeline, and new optional Predecessor and Successor columns in the Outline. The row completion date is now represented by a bar extending out from the Finish Date

New Progress column type, displayed as a progress bar, mini pie chart, or percentage.

The new Progress column displays a rows completion as a percentage or visually as a bar or pie chart providing users with a quick way of immediately seeing an activities completeness.

A red vertical line now marks the current date & time in the Timeline.

When viewing the Timeline, a red vertical line gives context to where project activities fall relative to the current day.

Any Date column can now be included in the Timeline.

Dates other than the Start Date and Finish date can optionally be displayed in the Timeline. Custom date column values will appear as a circle and can have their own custom colors. This will allow for the display of data on the Timeline that does not fit within the normal, start, finish and completion dates.

New Symbol column type, including checkbox, flag, star, color icons, bullet journaling, Eisenhower quadrants, 5 stars, etc.

A new Symbol column type allows for the display of column values visually all of which can be filtered upon. Common uses would be for example to favorite or flag items to be filtered and followed up on. Eisenhower quadrants allow for the implementation of Eisenhower matrix workflows. Checkboxes allow for creation of checklists or matrices. And finally bullet journaling symbols allow users to tag their activities and follow a bullet journal workflow.

Auto-enter cell values with a default value, from the row above, today, formatted serial number, and more.

Auto-enter cell values allow new rows to be created with user defined columns automatically populating cell values thus eliminating repetitive data entry.

Outline view menu improvements.

SheetPlanner 1.1 consolidates the menus available when right clicking on a row.

Filter improvements, including better search for dates, time intervals, note text, and more.

Filters now allow filtering on the new Progress, Predecessor, Successor and Symbol column types. Searches now accept relative dates like ‘Today’, ‘Tomorrow’, ‘This Week’, etc.

Printing the Timeline is now supported, and printing the Outline is improved.

The Timeline can now be printed or saved as a PDF making it easy to share with colleagues.

Plus numerous other improvements; see the release notes for details.