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SheetPlanner helps you organize information, manage your projects,
and get things done with unparalleled power and flexibility.

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Insights with ease and power.

SheetPlanner allows anyone to easily organize tasks, perform long range planning, manage projects, and more. Users can plan and visualize goals in a convenient timeline view - by days, weeks, months, quarters, and years while also focusing on their most immediate tasks in the calendar. SheetPlanner makes it simple to plan and visualize your long term goals, helping to keep your projects and tasks on schedule until they're finished.

Get organized...

Get organized

Organize all your tasks with the outliner, categorize them using the standard columns including start & finish dates. Create your own custom columns and link to external files and websites.

... make a plan...

Make a plan

Plan and visualize your goals, project tasks and schedule with the timeline view. View task duration and sequence. View timeline by days, weeks, months, quarters or years.

... and get it done.

Get things done

Use filters to focus on what's important, due today, due tomorrow, or whatever criteria you select. View filtered tasks in the outline, timeline, month and yearly calendar.

Getting things done has never been easier.

Let's see what SheetPlanner can do:

Get organized

Organize information using the Outliner to provide structure. Populate the start, finish and progress columns to create a schedule and track progress. Add custom, text, number, date, symbol, list and picture columns to track additional information.

  1. Use the Outliner to give structure to your information.
  2. Add your own Custom Columns.
  3. Customize Styles by level.
  4. Link to files and websites.
  5. Add notes to rows.
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Make a plan

Visualize rows with start and finish dates on the Timeline. Change the Timeline scope to get a high level view of your project over years or zoom in to weeks or even days for more precision. See the progress of each task in the Timeline bars. Customize the color of Timeline bars. Preview and print the Timeline.

  1. Track deadlines using the Timeline.
  2. Change the Timeline scope to see the big picture.
  3. Customize the Timeline.
  4. Add Dependencies to create task relationships.
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Get things done

Use filters to focus on what's important, due today, due tomorrow, or whatever criteria you select. View filtered tasks in the outline, timeline, month and yearly calendar. Check items off as they are completed in the Outline, Timeline, Month or Year views. Hide completed items to stay focused.

  1. Filter rows to view only what you need.
  2. Focus on a particular outline section.
  3. View dates on the Calendar.
  4. Show/hide Completed.
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All the tools for the pros

SheetPlanner 2.0 includes many features that more advanced users will enjoy.

  1. Create multiple Sheets.
  2. Organize sheets into Folders.
  3. Use Tabs to view multiple sheets.
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Get the edition that's right for you:


The core features:
  • Outliner with custom columns
  • Focus
  • Search
  • Rich text notes
  • Links to files and websites


All features in Free and more:
  • Multiple sheets in a singe document
  • Sidebar to organize sheets
  • Smart Filters
  • Timeline view
  • Month & year calendar views
All purchases are made through the Mac App Store and without subscription.
SheetPlanner is built for macOS, and requires at least macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later.

What our users are saying:

Excellent app

Mac is such a powerful platform it deserves powerful software. This app is one of the hidden gems of the Mac app store. A must-have for anyone tackling major projects.

Very useful, accessible and flexible

I like SheetPlanner a lot: it's flexible, with just the amount of granularity I need, and intuitive to use. I've found the interface, as well as finding how-to answers, very accessible. One's work and flow takes precedence, rather than the program.

Extremely powerful, yet easy to use

It's not every day you stumble upon a program that has this much power yet at the same time, keeps the basics extremely simple to use.

Get your business on track,
get SheetPlanner today.
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